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Click the start button in the bottom right corner of the screen then perform the following


Select Data Sources (ODBC) which should be at the top of the list after you have typed data sources in the search box.

Once you have selected that you should get the ODBC data source administrator dialogue

Select the system DSN tab:

Note if is says ODBC Data Source Administrator (64 bit) in the title bar or without the (64 bit) as per the screen shot below


Can you tell me if you have a Sage DSN listed (not necessarily v11)?

If you do, highlight the Sage DSN and click the Configure button, in the dialogue that opens the path field should be the path to your sage data file and shoud end in /ACCDATA

If the value in the path field does not match your data file path then you need to change it here, OK everything until you have closed all the ODBC dialogues, close Instant MTD if it was open, then re-open it. Select the matching data source name from the data source selection menu in Instant MTD that matches the Sage DSN you just updated in the previous step. Instant MTD should work now.

If you don't have a Sage DSN, click on the drivers tab:


Can you tell me if you have a Sage driver installed (again not necessarily v11)?

Additionally, did you set the Sage username and password?

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