VAT MTD for Sage with NO on-going fee

Don't be backed into a corner by HMRC and Sage

Are you reluctant to be forced into replacing your (probably) old, but familiar and perfectly adequate Sage software with a subscription based upgrade? We certainly were – so, as we happen to be in the business of writing web-based applications, we wrote Instant MTD - a neat bit of "bridging software" which connects our desktop Sage software with HMRC, allowing us to submit our VAT returns digitally.

You can too, we are selling perpetual licences for Instant MTD for a single payment of £95 + VAT.

Instant MTD is compatible with these versions of Sage:

  • Sage Instant Accounts
  • Sage 50 Essentials
  • Sage Line 50

Instant MTD should be compatible with any Sage product that uses Sage ODBC drivers from version 11 to 25 inclusive.

HMRC approved

There's a lot of dodgy, unauthorised software on the internet: Instant MTD has been approved by HMRC. You can check for yourself by going to the HMRC website and searching for Instant MTD on their 'Find software for Making Tax Digital for VAT' page: They link back to this page.

Instant MTD authenticates with HMRC using two factor authentication (they send a code to your phone), software can only authenticate with HRMC if it has prior approval. To gain HRMC approval we had to demonstrate our software to them.

Very easy to use

Instant MTD is bridging software that you run on the same PC as your copy of Sage; it connects directly to your Sage data file and extracts your VAT return as calculated by Sage. It then allows you to submit your VAT return to HMRC. It couldn't be easier - no copying and pasting data or fiddling about with Excel or anything else. The video below shows the complete process for a VAT return submission from start to finish.

Registering for MTD with HMRC

Before you test Instant MTD, you must log in to your HMRC VAT account and tell them that you have access to appropriate software to submit your VAT digitally. It's just a tick box - you don't have to say what that software is. Having done that, HMRC will update your account so that it will allow digital submissions. This usually takes 72 hours - HMRC will email you when their systems have updated.

Please note you will no longer be able to submit your returns manually. Just bear in mind that you have to bite the bullet at some point, you won't be able to test any bridging software without ticking that box.

Try before you buy

Download the software for free and try it out - you'll be able to check that you can connect to your Sage data, that you can successfully connect to HMRC and retrieve your current obligations and that you can generate the correct figures for a given VAT period. You don't need to give us your email address or anything, you can just download the software.



UK based support from the people that actually wrote the software - you can ring us up, and we'll try and help you.